Basic bushcraft survival starts on a Friday afternoon and finishes around lunchtime on the Sunday.  You have two full nights out, the first with minimal equipment, the second with not much at all!  You will leave at the end of your weekend with all the skills needed to survive. 

Core subjects include:

  • Psychology of Survival
  • Basic shelter building
  • Natural vegetation shelters
  • Fire lighting.
  • Location devices
  • Water – location and filtering/purification
  • Food – sources of nutrition

Max course size: 20 students.
2 nights
Date: 3rd - 5th October 2014
Venue: Just outside Plettenberg Bay
Price: R1300 per person.  (15% discount for MCSA members)
(Those who registered for our previous father/son course special can still attend the course for the special price).


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The courses are not ‘hardcore’ in that we won’t push you beyond your limits.  Sure, you will be hungry at times and at times uncomfortable. 

However, we found long ago that people tend to switch off if you make life too difficult and stop learning.  We don’t want you in survival mode during your experience with us; we want you in learning mode so that you can remember how to survive if the situation ever arises. 

Again, we’ll tailor the courses to your needs and if you come and do one of the Survival Instructor Courses, we’re going to push you close to your limits (the cream of the Instructor Courses will have the opportunity to work as an instructor at Survival Training South Africa).  Similarly, we will continue to train Mountain Rescue Team members and their training experience with us is going to be tougher than most, for obvious reasons. 

If you’re a private or commercial pilot looking for some skills to keep you alive should your aircraft go down in the middle of nowhere then we’ll make conditions realistic but not push you to the point where you stop learning!

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The training is not super-technical. 

You don’t need mountains of kit to survive in most environments and by the time you complete your course with us you will have your own tried and tested lightweight survival kit that you know will keep you alive. 

It’s a very different feeling packing your expedition rucksack or your Mountain Rescue pack knowing that when you throw in your survival pack at the end, you’ve already tried tested every item during one of our courses. 

Confidence in your ability to keep yourself alive, making the right decisions and anticipating the array of psychological challenges that your brain will throw at you are key components to survival.  That’s what all of our courses will give you.  Now choose one that suits your needs.

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